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The Saturday Scene

March 6, 2010

MARCH 6, 2010
Summer Sunshine on Flickr ...



When the sun came up early on Saturday morning, and threatened to stay all day,
It was time to make another Malibu Moment in my little Chevrolet !

It was the first Saturday in March, just a few days before the official arrival of
Spring. . and time to finally clear out all of that cabin fever, as well as the remnants
of that Flu Bug. . so me and my Chevy headed for North 11, passing by Hollins University
. . . observing the full parking lot at the Greenwood Restaurant in Troutville, continuing
on the less-traveled road. . . by the James River, Purgatory Mountain, and the Swinging
Bridge in Buchanan. . . remaining on the old Route 11 as it ran parallel to Interstate 81
. crossing the Natural Bridge and passing the Natural Bridge Hotel. ..then glancing at
the Natural Bridge Zoo and the dirt track at Natural Bridge Speedway. past the Pink
Cadillac parked in front of the Pink Cadillac Diner. . . noticing that one side of the
highway still had plenty of snow in view. ....

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Beyond 2000

February 27, 2009


February 27, 2009
When we were growing up in Roanoke, it was not unusual to see boys
and even grown men walking the residential streets in the winter time,
offering their services to shovel the snow out of the driveway and off
the walkways.  We, too, earned a few coins here and there by
doing the same thing, mostly for those customers who let us mow
their lawn in the summer time.
On our Pop Chart today, we remember the recording of
"Pretty Polly" by Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys.
Having a child fall asleep in your arms is one of the
most peaceful feelings in the world.

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Beyond 2000

February 26, 2009

February 21, 2009

It was a chilly February Saturday morning in Roanoke, but the event at our local Grandin Theatre was too good to miss !

So Buddy Bev and Skeeter made their way there for the 10 AM FREE showing of the old but famous movie

"Casablanca", which was presented by the Richfield Retirement Home, with the general public invited to

join them there.  The movie brought back a lot of memories, including the one that was made in California

in 1987  when Skeeter visited Bro Chik and Wifey Pat. As they found a seat in the Earthquake Cafe

to order a bite, they noticed that in a raised section of the restaurant was a table with a couple of

chairs, and a TV set that was showing a VCR of the movie "Casablanca".

After the movie on that Saturday, Bev and Skeeter had a nice lunch at the Roanoker Restaurant

before calling it a day and agreeing to "live happily ever after."Wink

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June 29, 2008

The Life and Times of Skeeter Hylton


After serving 8 years in the Naval Reserve, Skeeter was given his Honorable Discharge in 1960. Except for two weeks each year, he was never called to Active Duty.
While on a vacation trip to Virginia in 1978, Skeeter visited his Uncle and Aunt in Fries, Virginia, and they took a drive over to Walker Mountain, driving through the tunnel that connects Virginia and West Virginia, an engineering marvel !
On a trip from Florida to Virginia for vacation in 1984, Skeeter drove from St. Pete to Walterboro, South Carolina, where he spent the night at the Southern Inn after having a good meal at the Western Sizzlin. He had decided to take two days to make the trip, and Walterboro was about the half-way point.
In 1988, after spending 14 years and two months in Florida, Skeeter completed his 23-hour Greyhound bus ride by entering the State of Virginia at 1:51 PM and arriving at the bus station in Roanoke at 4:44 PM.  He would now  spend some time with Mama Essie at her apartment on Brandon Avenue while he looked for...
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June 28, 2008

The Life and Times of Skeeter Hylton


On this date in 1988, Skeeter boarded a Greyhound bus in St. Petersburg, Florida to begin his trip 'back home' to Roanoke.  The bus made several stops before leaving the Sunshine State, and when the bus pulled out of the bus station at Bushnell, Florida Skeeter took one last look out the bus window, knowing that he soon would be out of the Sunshine as a resident for good, and not knowing if he would ever return.
And, as he looked around, a beautiful Florida Sunset was presented to him as a 'going-away' gift. The time was 8:18 PM and as far as he knew, it would be the last Florida Sunset he would see 'in person' !
And so it was that another chapter in the Life and Times of Skeeter Hylton came to a close as his Florida Years ended !

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June 27, 2008

The Life and Times of Skeeter Hylton


As Skeeter prepared to move back to Virginia from Florida in 1988, he sold some things he did not want to take back with him, including his television set, stereo, furniture and other items. And so it was that on this date he packed up the remaining personal items which filled 11 boxes and shipped them via UPS to Son Ran in Roanoke. The following day, he would leave Florida on a Greyhound bus, headed for another chapter in his life in his hometown of Roanoke. Although Skeeter lived and worked in Florida for 14 years, and left with about the same amount ot 'stuff' he brought when he first arrived, he would always treasure those 14 years as the greatest time in his life, except for the years of raising his Son in Roanoke.

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June 24, 2008

The Life and Times of Skeeter Hylton


As Skeeter continued to tour his 'adopted home' in Florida, he visited the famous waterfront Pier in St. Petersburg, driving around it by the fishing docks and checking out the four floors of this unique building, which included shops, stores, an ice cream parlor, restaurants and a miniature golf course on the roof. The year was 1974.

A survey of downtown St. Pete on that day included a visit to Al Lang Field, which was also on the waterfront. It was the Spring Training home of the St. Louis Cardinals, and the regular season home of the St. Pete Cards in the Florida State League. Balls  were often hit into Tampa Bay from the batter's box at the stadium.
In 1978, while motoring north for a Virginia vacation, Skeeter made a stop at Plains, Georgia to see the birthplace of Jimmy Carter, the old train station, and Billy's Gas Station.
Since Skeeter was a race fan and had watched a lot of races on television, he made another stop on his way to Virginia in 1978He had never seen a large race track so...
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June 23, 2008

The Life and Times of Skeeter Hylton


While living in Florida, Skeeter became a fan of both the Tampa Bay Bucs and the Clearwater Bombers. The Bucs played football in Tampa Stadium and 'bombed out' a lot. The Bombers played softball in Jack Russell Stadium in Clearwater and had won ten national championships. So it was interesting when these two teams got together for a softball game at Jack Russell each year before the regular football season began.  In 1984, Skeeter witnessed one of these popular games.  The softball was not taken as seriously as the 'fun of the game' between these two pro teams, and a good time was had by all, since the proceeds from the game were given to a local charity.
As Skeeter prepared to leave his 'adopted state' of Florida, he completed his final work at Northside Baptist Church in St. Pete in 1988, ending several good years of working on the church's Support Staff as Custodian and Printer. He would return to his home town of Roanoke, where Son Randy and Wifey Diane were planning to receive Skeeter's first Grandchild into the family !

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June 22, 2008

The Life and Times of Skeeter Hylton


When Skeeter was growing up, his parents sent he and his brothers and sister to Sunday School each Sunday morning, even though neither Dad nor Mama Essie went themselves.  The kids walked several blocks from their house to a nearby church, Ghent Brethren Church, the church that was easily recognized by the large neon "Jesus Saves" sign on top of the building.  It was there that through the teaching of Mason Cooper and the preaching of Dr. L. L. Koontz that Skeeter accepted Jesus and determined to live his live in accordance with Bible principals.  On this date in 1946, Skeeter was baptized in the church and began his life-long Bible Study.
During those days, Skeeter also played on a sandlot football team that practiced at Lakewood Park in Roanoke, and was coached by Charles Maas. It was his only youth sports experience, since he went to work at an early age and did not have time for anything except school and work !

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June 21, 2008

The Life and Times of Skeeter Hylton


After returning from their Honeymoon, Skeeter and his bride rented their first apartment at 501 Linden Street in Roanoke, near Roanoke Memorial Hospital.  The rent was $50 a month for one-half of the upstairs.


On a Saturday night in 1974, Skeeter went to the local speedway in St. Pete, Sunshine Speedway, and watched the 'locals' race for the money.  The most interesting race was the Figure 8 !
In 1987, Skeeter met Son Ran and his new bride as they were at the end of their Honeymoon week, at Epcot in Orlando,  where Skeeter had his first meal at a Japanese restaurant.

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